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Content Curation Mistakes

Content Curation Mistakes


Introducing Content Curation Mistakes. Learn the topics about linking to poor quality content, using the same few sources, curating only blog posts, automating content curation, failing to give proper attribution, using only curated content, adding no value, not doing keyword research, being faceless and having no call to action.


  • Table of Contents

    -Mistake #1 – Linking to Poor Quality Content
    -Mistake #2 – Using the Same Few Sources
    -Mistake #3 – Curating Only Blog Posts
    -Mistake #4 – Automating Content Curation 
    -Mistake #5 – Failing to Give Proper Attribution
    -Mistake #6 – Using ONLY Curated Content 
    -Mistake #7 – Adding No Value
    -Mistake #8 – Not Doing Keyword Research 
    -Mistake #9 – Being Faceless
    -Mistake #10 – Having No Call to Action

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