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Beating the Beast Goldmine

Beating the Beast Goldmine


Inside this e-book, you will discover the topics about there are lions, there are tigers, there are bears, oh my, there are sneaky snakes, watch out for the cannibals, there are poisonous plants, all the natives aren’t friendly, go well armed and go well-prepared.



Every day, hundreds, thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, of people decide to investigate the idea of working from home or starting their very own home-based business. They have heard of others that have done so who have been very successful... maybe even wildly successful at it. Some of these people are very computer savvy individuals. They may even have the ability to build their own webpages. They certainly know the ins and outs of operating a computer. Others aren’t all that computer savvy but they think they have a great idea for an Internet business and are sure that they can find a way to follow their dream. The Internet really is the great equalizer. The level of formal education that a budding Internet entrepreneur has doesn’t seem to have much bearing on the degree of success that they can achieve on the Internet or how much of a failure they can become. There are those who have reached dizzying heights of success who never finished high school, and those who have hit rock bottom who have multiple college degrees. The commonalities of those who succeed in either working from home or running a home-based business are: They are all self-starters. They have a positive attitude. They are willing to learn. They develop the necessary survival really is a jungle out there. If you are considering starting, or have already started working from home or a home-based business, you are obviously a self-starter. You wouldn’t have even considered such a venture if you didn’t have a positive attitude. You are apparently willing to learn; you are reading this book. The world of Internet business is the electronic equivalent of a jungle. In words made famous in “The Wizard of Oz”, “There are lions and tigers and bears, oh my!” Survival and success aren’t based on education. They are both based upon the mastering of survival skills.

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