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Money Management for Students

Money Management for Students


Managing your finance is very important especially for those who don’t have enough money to pay for their studies. While the majority of students leave with large debts and others with small debts, the amount of debt acquired will depend on how well you have managed your expenses when you’re still studying. If you don’t want to pay for a huge debt and save money while you are a student, you should know how to manage finance is important. Inside this eBook, you will discover the topics about why managing finance is important for students, how to plan your spending smartly, creative ideas to cut down on expenses, keep credit card or debit card away, allocate some saving for emergency use, track your spending on a diary/spreadsheet, making some extra cash online, opt for part time job after classes, buying what you need not what you want and saving money through student discounts.

  • Table of Contents

    • Chapter 1: Why Managing Finance is Important for Students
    • Chapter 2: How to Plan Your Spending Smartly?
    • Chapter 3: Creative Ideas to Cut Down on Expenses
    • Chapter 4: Keep Credit Card or Debit Card Away
    • Chapter 5: Allocate Some Saving for Emergency Use
    • Chapter 6: Track Your Spending on a Diary/Spreadsheet
    • Chapter 7: Making Some Extra Cash Online
    • Chapter 8: Opt for Part Time Job After Classes
    • Chapter 9: Buying What You Need, Not What You Want
    • Chapter 10: Saving Money Through Student Discounts

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