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My name is Grace, and I am the founder of the Educators Provision League LLC. EPL LLC is your top online educational resource for your personal and professional needs. Our E-library books and materials will elevate you to your next level and give you the freedom to make the money that you desire.  

My Story

I graduated in 2004 from Brooklyn College with a BA in Psychology. After working in the social services field for 14 years, I decided I needed a change and wanted to challenge myself, so I made a career change. I always knew the value of education, so I went back to school to obtain a master’s degree. In 2018, I enrolled online in the graduate Higher Education program at Capella University.

After two years of long, hard, dedicated work ethics, I graduated with honors in March 2021 with a Master’s in Higher Education: focusing on Leadership and Administration. I realized that going back to school after 14 years and managing work and family responsibilities, the college platform needs to be more coordinated and inclusive for all students’ needs. I created Educators Provision League LLC to provide students with a blueprint for college success. Our professional educators are passionate and committed to providing the most comprehensive, affordable education services customized to individuals’ needs.

Educators Provision League LLC will provide you with coordinated in-demand services. Our educators will help with time management skills, stress management skills, document editing, proofreading, and tutoring services. In addition, we will also offer webinar training and financial aid support. Our extensive amount of personalized services will go beyond what is currently available to you. My goal is to bridge the gap of inadequate access to high-level educators and professional services.

The Educators Provision League LLC is an organization that can provide you with the tools and support that will make students more successful in college and well beyond. We cater to all types of students and their sense of growth and development. Our e-library books are filled with an extensive collection of resources and guides. The purpose of an e-Library is to further your knowledge and earn extra money on the side.


It is a privilege to say; we are delighted that you joined the Educators Provision League LLC to expand your mindset. We look forward to helping you expand your knowledge.   


Educators Provision League LLC is committed to the highest level of expectations, standards, and practices to empower all students and clients to pursue educational excellence. We apply modern, innovative approaches to education and strive to help you grow and learn. We seek to enhance your academic success and personal development through distinguished academic programs, eBooks, services, and activities. Our educational experts are dedicated to helping students achieve their optimum educational goals, developing a positive mindset, and bringing your vision of success to life. Our faculty and staff are united and dedicated to providing quality education through interdisciplinary resources and innovative technology to engage learners to achieve greatness.


Educators Provision League LLC strives to provide our students with a transformative education experience fitting for life in the 21st century. Our institutional goal is to maximize students’ potential by creating an uplifting, engaging, and challenging learning atmosphere and resources. The chief strength of our organization is to provide the highest academic services at the lowest minimum costs. Educators Provision League LLC greatly appreciates our stakeholders, employees, students, and their families and friends. To promote and protect the rights of our members, we offer a gender-sensitive, diverse, safe, supporting, and nurturing every learner. Educators Provision League LLC will aid our students in becoming lifelong leaders in their field of choice. Our highly experienced staff and state-of-the-art services utilize the latest software to keep us aligned with future trends and enhance our productivity. Educators Provision League LLC is forever committed to serving our community with accountability, reliability, passion, and most of all, respect and care. 

Core Values Statements

  • Diversity. Educators Provision League LLC aims to celebrate diversity and inclusion by embracing all individuals of all races, colors, ages, disabilities, and socioeconomic statuses. We value opportunities to learn, develop, and work with all members of our community, both locally and internationally. 

  • Collegiality. We encourage and pursue transparency with our collaborative partnership with our students, internal and external stakeholders through shared governance, experiential learning, and community engagement.

  • Innovation. Educators Provision League LLC strives to provide superior infrastructure with the latest technology and services to aid students in the changing world’s landscape. We provide the vital components of success to have, or our students thrive both intellectually and professionally. 

  • Intellectual Superiority. We develop and promote an academic curriculum filled with advancement and groundbreaking professional development opportunities. We ensure our students are equipped and prepared academically for the global business environment. 

  • Affordability. Educators Provision League LLC is committed to keeping costs low by fundraising strategies like financial donations, grants, stewardship, and ongoing campaigns. We ensure that every student has access to all financial resources to ensure financial stability.   

  • Integrity. We are committed to being accountable, reliable, and responsible at all levels. Our policy on ethics and professional responsibilities is embedded in the belief that we lead with the highest expectations for the institution.  

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