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Mastering the Plan Mechanics

Mastering the Plan Mechanics


Marketing Plans to Fire up Your Network and Triple Your Income!  With this e-book, you will discover the topics about not just about arrows and circles, know yourself know your ‘enemy’, using the knowledge effectively, unilevel – unlimited width and depth, stairstep – climbing the ladder of success, binary – two at a time, two-up – the art of giving away and matrix – reloaded.

  • Table of Contents

    -Not Just About Arrows and Circles 
    -Know Yourself, Know Your ‘Enemy’ 
    -Using the Knowledge Effectively 
    -Unilevel: Unlimited Width and Depth 
    -Stairstep: Climbing the ladder of Success 
    -Binary: Two at a Time 
    -Two-up: The Art of Giving Away 
    -Matrix: Reloaded 
    -In Closing 
    -Mastering The Plan Mechanics 

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