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Deadly Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

Deadly Affiliate Marketing Mistakes


Explore the topics on focusing on selling, not testing, sticking with mmo products, spreading yourself too thin, joining too many affiliate programs, not tracking results, giving up too quickly, competition fear and ignoring the competition. Must read!

  • Table of Contents

    -Mistake #1 – Focusing On Selling
    -Mistake #2 – Not Testing
    -Mistake #3 – Sticking With MMO Products
    -Mistake #4 – Spreading Yourself Too Thin
    -Mistake #5 – Joining Too Many Affiliate Programs 
    -Mistake #6 – Not Tracking Results
    -Mistake #7 – Giving Up Too Quickly
    -Mistake #8 – Competition Fear
    -Mistake #9 – Ignoring Competition
    -Bonus Coupon

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